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Friday, 08 May 2020 14:08

Adventures in 3D Printing

Last year I picked up a FlashForge 3D Printer but after a lot of issues I returned it and got a Creality CR10S-Pro. After quite the learning curve in both setup, maintenance and learning the software I set out to design some things for my coin collecting hobby. I started out with some simple platforms that allow you to place your plastic coin tubes in them to keep them a bit more organized and from rolling around. I used the Edgar Marcus Kointubes as my templates and I think they came out pretty decent for a first shot at trying to make something in 3D Form. I made several different plates from Pennies up to Dollars. I also created a slotted holder that you could use to place round bullion capsules in and it would angle them up for easy access and viewing. For a Display shelf or something along that lines this design would be ideal but I do think I am going to try and make a new one for those for a storage type solution.

All of my Designs can be found on my ThingiVerse page for free. Please feel free to down load and make your own. 

So after making these I wanted to try and design something to more show off some of the coins and rounds that I had so I had the idea to come up with themed wall hangers. My First piece was in the shape of a shield with hanging swords. I have the set of the Destiny Knight 2oz rounds that feature the Knight himself, dragons and other medieval designs. That set is a 5 coin set and I actually had 6 coins, The extra one being a duplicate of the Phoenix coin. So what I did was design the holder to use all 6, one of each design then one in the middle that houses the reverse of the coin showing the destiny knight. 

I live in the Midwest where the buffalo roam and I thought what better than to symbolize this with a buffalo themed design. This one was measured and designed to hold 1oz coins in capsules. I personally don't have very many buffalo bullion coins but I populated it with a few various rounds and I had to toss an American Silver Eagle in there for good measure. For this design and the shield I just used the 3M Command Strips with Velcro to easily setup and remove from the wall if I want to swap the coins out. One difference though in this design is that the buffalo has a solid back so the coins sit down in the spaces but they are a bit harder to get out where as the shield design it's an open back design so you can easily pop the capsules in and out and the pressure holds them in.

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