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Thursday, 01 October 2020 19:47

Seeker Donation Stream Goodies

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From time to time I will participate in Silver Seekers Coin Roll Hunting on YouTube. Here is a few pickup that I got for the last donation stream

  • 5oz Silver Bar showing the Indian and Buffalo Design
  • 2016 Australia Kangaroo PCGS Graded MS69
  • 2014 1/2 Oz Canada Devils Brigade

You can find more info about Silver Seekers stream on his site CoolStax

Saturday, 26 September 2020 01:55

Are you buying in the dip?

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Over the last few days we've seen a dip in the silver spot price. A price that was hovering in the $27 dollar range has dipped down and now hovering around $22 or so.  What is your strategy? Do you always wait for the lowest price or just try to cost average your inventory. For Me if the deal is good or its a piece that I want then price doesn't really matter and I'm buying when I'm able, I just recently picked up $10 Face of 90% Silver Dimes from Apmex, My goal is really to try and hold for retirement and just price cost average what I buy, Ive purchased at $11 and I've purchased at $30+ with the premiums.  My feeling is it's good to have at any price! What are your thoughts?


Thursday, 24 September 2020 18:54

Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar

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This 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar is minted by the Cason City Mint.  The Carson City mint made coins from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. Up until 1964 US Citizens could redeem their silver certificates for silver dollars at the mints and In 1962 someone received a rare Morgan dollar in exchange that was mixed in a bag of other silver dollars and this spurred interest for collectors. The Treasury had discovered previously unknown mint bags of Carson City dollars in the vaults with over 2.8 Million silver dollars. In 1970 the GSA was given responsibility to market and sell the coins. The coins were sorted and mounted in these plastic display cases. Today these coins can bring a nice premium and if graded can command much higher prices. The Carson City mint generally had lower mintage numbers so it makes them a nice piece of history to add to your collection.