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I am coin collector and silver stacker and hope to share my hobby with you. You can find out more about myself at the link below.

Who is The Silver Jackal?

The goal of this site is to bring you images and information on my silver finds and any cool items that I run across from time to time along with un-boxings and reviews. Use the links below to check out the blog, follow me on social media or send us a message. Also join us on Discord at the YouTube Silver and Coins server.

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  • Silver Casino Strikes


    A first in my collection I'm happy to show a few Silver Strikes that I recently picked up from JAAS on our Coin Discord.

    More info on Silver Strikes can be found at https://www.silverstrikers.com/ 

    The definition is Limited Edition silver token won from slot machines and is in a protective plastic holder. Some call them "Silver Premium Tokens", but most of us just call them "Silver Strikes". These tokens are issued in many casinos throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Cruise Ships. The first of these tokens were won from slot machines in the Reno/Tahoe area of Nevada in 1992.



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